Assignment Four; Record of additional work carried out

Assignment 4 – Tutor comments:

Have a look at the night photography of Dan Holdsworth, who often works with exposures that are hours long. Obviously with any exposure time over 1/30, it is necessary to work with a shutter release cable and a solid tripod but I’d certainly urge you to experiment further with the city at night, looking too at the work of UK based photographer

Rut Blees Luxembourg. Her atmospheric large format images of London use the artificial street lights to give an almost dreamlike and often quite abstract view of the city

Dan Holdsworth:


Rut Blees Luxemburg: (I know you mention this artist, but please write perhaps a more in depth piece on one of her images or one of her series shot a night).


Willie Doherty:


Regarding the use of narrative and story telling in urban landscape photography, look at Tom Hunter’s Ghetto series:




Assignment 4 Assignment Reworking: